Are you a woman looking to start your running journey?

Have you ever looked at another person running & wished you could run, without feeling like you were going to die?! 

Do you wish you could pick up a running habit to help shed those extra 15-20 pounds? 

Have you always had a goal of crossing the finish line of a 5K (or half-marathon), but have no idea where to start? 

Do you think you can't run because you don't have a "runner's body?"

Or, maybe you're feeling stuck with your current running plan. 

Do you feel like you have been running at the same pace forever? And, you are not improving? 

Are you running everyday but still not seeing your body transform the way you want? 

Do the words Fartlek, Tempo, Interval and Race Pace make your head spin? 

Screaming YES at your computer? Awesome! Keep reading for some GREAT news! 

Introducing the "30 Days to MASTER your 5K" Program!

A 30 day LIVE program designed specifically for women looking to start, or MASTER, their running program!

A program that is focused not only on running, but also nutritioncross training.

A COMPLETE program that will encompass all the KEY components of a STRONG runner!

A program designed to not only get you across the finish line, but ultimately, TRANSFORM your health & body!

And, for those who are ready, a program that will help you PR at your next race!

Why join me?

Because, there is nothing that I LOVE more than helping other women learn to run...and love it! 

Hi! I'm Valerie! 

I'm a fitness trainer and health coach. My superpower is empowering women like you to find their inner RUNNER so they can go from frustrated to fierce. Over the course of the past 20 years, I have learned the critical steps to bring out the runner in not only myself... but, also countless other women. 

I have never been "coached." I didn't run cross country or track in high school. I never ran on a collegiate team. I truly learned from trial and error. I went from being a "jogger" at best, to qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon. I have run numerous 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons and often place in the top 10% of the women's field. 

And, I want to share with you everything I learned along the way. 

Aside from my running resume, I have 14 years of experience in personal training and group exercise. I have taught at many health clubs across the US and overseas. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Yoga Instructor and Step Aerobics Instructor. Additionally, I am currently enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialization Course. A course designed to learn and implement cutting edge, evidence-based sports performance exercise techniques that will help me develop tougher, faster and stronger athletes...LIKE YOU!

So, if you think... 

  • I am too old to start running
  • I don't have the time to start running
  • I don't have the body to be a runner
  • I tried that Couch to 5K program and it didn't work



What's Possible?

  • Imagine... in 30 days from now, crossing the finish line of your first 5K, having run the ENTIRE 3.1 miles.
  • Losing those last 10 baby pounds and feeling awesome in your skinny jeans. 
  • Finally having the energy you need to blast through your day ... PLUS having extra energy for your kids & husband!
  • No longer living to EAT, but instead, learning how to EAT to LIVE. 
  • Saying good-bye to fads and short term "diets."
  • Not simply completing a 5K but achieving a PR! 
  • Learning how to bring out the inner runner inside of YOU!

THIS... is possible!

*Finishing the race easily.* *Feeling stronger and lighter than you have in years.* *Mastering your nutrition.* *Completing 30 days of a results driven strength program.* *Losing 5-10 pounds* *Gaining an immeasurable amount of self-confidence.* *Having energy levels through the roof* *Crushing your sugar cravings.* *Saying good-bye for good to yo-yo dieting and binge eating.* *Achieving a PR in your race event*

Yes, all of this is possible in just 30 short days! 


Once you sign up for this program, you will be sent a welcome email with links to a closed, private Facebook group; a special member's only website where you will find 5K training programs, both basic and advanced; a Food and Lifestyle Journal for weekly accountability along with instructions for starting your strength training program and nutrition plan. Truly, everything you need to get MAXIMUM results will be at your fingertips. 

I've put together 3 exclusive package options depending on where you are and what your goals are...

The Basic Plan: 

Private One-on-One Coaching

Two 20 minute private, personalized one-on-one calls designed to help you pick the correct nutrition and strength training program for your goals. I will ensure you have all the tips and tools necessary to not only start your program with ease, but to NAIL it with the absolute BEST results! 

Private Facebook Group for Member's ONLY!

Access to a private Facebook group where you'll have daily support, motivation, and inspiration from myself as well as women from around the US that are on the same running journey as you. Weekly bonuses will include LIVE Q&A sessions, Bonus Videos and MORE! 

Password Protected Member's Only Site
Members only webpage for easy (lifetime) access to all of your program materials. Customizable 5K training plans. Your choice of either a "basic" plan or an "advanced" plan. Each plan will be tailored to your needs and running goals. Just started running? No problem. Want to PR? No problem. I've got you covered!

Cross Training Programs

*Optional* Unlimited 30-day access to over 400 world famous workouts, to include exclusive super-trainer content, workout calendars, fitness guides, nutrition plans. 

5 Days to Kick Start your Health E-Book

An E-book designed to help you get your nutrition and energy levels back on track in just five short days. My book lays it all out: meal planning, meal prepping, what to buy, what to cook and how to cook it. There is nothing left to guess at on this plan. At the end of the five days, you will feel energized and will have likely lost a couple of pounds in the process. 


Access to ALL my bonuses on the member's ONLY run club website! 

All of this for the discounted price of $75

The Complete plan:

Everything that you get with the BASIC Plan PLUS: 

SuperFood Nutrition

A 30 day supply of a superfood shake that will ensure all your body's nutrient needs are met! Protein, Fiber, Digestive Enzymes. Athlete energy made EASY! Take the guesswork out of your nutrition and use the performance enhancing superfood: Shakeology. 

Cross Training Programs

Unlimited 90-day access to over 400 world famous workouts, to include exclusive super-trainer content, workout calendars, fitness guides & nutrition plans. Celebrity used... results driven. Insanity, 21 Day Fix Extreme, The Master's Hammer and Chisel... your choice. 

GUARANTEED results. 

Your results are guaranteed! If you are not satisfied, you may return your order w/in 30 days for full refund.

The Cost?

All the above for the no-brainer investment of $140!

6 Weeks to Rockin' Results VIP Package:

6 weeks to Rockin' Results is a personalized, high ­touch and super fun coaching experience where we’ll work together one­-o­n-one to rapidly transform your overall health and wellness from tired, directionless and results-lacking into a long term program that leaves you full of energy, vitality and mental clarity that you never thought possible. 

What makes this plan different? 

  • You’ll actually make PROGRESS. Say goodbye to being stuck, lack of motivation and trying every pinterest workout you find in hopes that one will actually work.
  • You’ll finally have SUPPORT. Let's be real. Being committed to a fitness program is HARD. Chances are, even the most supportive people in your life don't really "care" what workout you're doing, how hard your run was or how much you hate burpees, but I do. I'm here to guide and support you and let you vent when things suck. Because, let's face it. Sometimes it will! 
  • You’ll have REAL­TIME ACCOUNTABILITY. During 6 Weeks to Rockin' Results, you’ll (happily) leave your excuses at the door. I'm going to make sure you're doing what you need to in order to progress toward your goal every step of the way.

The 6 Weeks to Rockin' Results includes everything from the Basic and the Complete Package. In addition, you will receive: 


1x 45 minute getting started right call. This call will be booked immediately upon purchase! This call is designed to allow me to gather all the information I need to develop YOUR personalized plan. This plan is no "off-the-shelf" plan; instead, it's tailored specifically for you and your needs. We will discuss and uncover your biggest obstacles, challenges and limitations and set you on a path to GOAL achievement.

6x weekly 30 minute sessions. These sessions will be our weekly accountability sessions. I will take your feedback from the previous week and tweak your plan as needed to ensure you are always progressing. You will never have to wonder what you should be doing. I will lay everything out for you in your weekly accountability call! 

Stuck? Have a question? I'm always just an email away. 

Private, password protected webpage to hold all coaching materials including weekly session recordings and customized training plans. 

My one-on-one programs not only help you achieve your overall fitness goals, but my focus is to educate and support you to achieve your lifelong health and wellness through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.

Program Price: $595. PayPal payment option available. 

Please NOTE! This plan is NOT for you if:  

● You're not willing to commit to investing time and money into your overall health and wellness. Unless you're "all in,” this plan isn't going to work for you.

● You're looking for someone else to do the work for you. I will guide you, empower you and coach you 100% of the way, but YOU have to do the work. 

● You're searching for the "magic pill" as the answer to your weight loss struggle.

● You want overnight results without putting in the effort.

Due to the extensive coaching involved in this program, I want to speak to you personally about your commitment level before you purchase! Please book your FREE 20 minute Clarity Call Here: 

Exclusive Bonuses

With every program listed above, you'll also receive these awesome bonuses once you register: 

*Bonus Video: Race Day Strategy and Prep

My best tips on how to arrive at the finish line prepped for your BEST race! 

*My Find your WHY Course: Uncover the WHY behind your goal. 

Tired of starting a program only to give up before it's complete? My Find Your Why Course will help you remain committed to your goal, even after the excitement has worn off! My video based course and workbook will help you uncover your hidden why. Unleashing your WHY is a powerful tool that will set the stage for life-long change. 

*Food & Lifestyle Journal

My signature Food & Lifestyle journal will make tracking your progress a SNAP! This tool will allow you to stay accountable to your goals WHILE tracking all the areas of your life being impacted DAILY with every healthy step you take! 

Let's do this! 

Are you ready to commit to see the wellness changes you want in YOUR life? Are you ready to commit to taking care of yourself so that you can take better care of those depending on you?

Your goals are waiting for you at the end of this challenge! 

Client's Testimonials

I am down 11 pounds total. This morning, I put on a pair of shorts that fit real tight last year... well, they fit and they are big! I am also down a dress size. Workouts are awesome. I actually love working out at home. I get so much more out of it. I feel great about the whole thing! Thanks for getting me hooked! I am just going to keep going! 


These challenge groups are what make me push play! I even get up at 0430 on the days I work to get my workout in before my hour long commute. Because I know everyone in the group will be making time to get their workout in too. That extra motivation makes all the difference! 


I am so happy to have been introduced to Val's Fitness Camps. Thanks to her programs, I have finally reached my weight goal that I thought was impossible. I had literally been trying for years to lose weight. Once I connected with Val, it only took me 24 days! Thanks for being a part of my journey! 


Ready for the NEXT Level? Let's do this! 

Not sure this is right for you? No problem! Book a complimentary 20 minute wellness assessment with me! I will help you decide if this program is a good fit for you! You've got nothing to lose... but a lifetime to gain!