The four week solution to flip your body's switch, rev your metabolism and get your body burning fat! 

  • Is your body in a constant struggle between feast and famine?

  • Has your nutrition plan stopped working?

  • Are you failing to get results even though you're tracking your daily calories and working out? 

You're ready for awesome results. 

But, you're stuck.

You are stuck in a place of uncomfortableness... 

  • low energy

  • tight pants 

  • brain fog

  • extra weight

  • Low self confidence

You're tired of hearing: 

  • "Just eat whole foods."

  • "Only eat food that your grandmother would recognize."

  •  "Eat more fat and fewer carbs."

  • "If it doesn't run, fly or swim - or it isn't a green vegetable - don't eat it." 

  • "Low Carb"

  • "Low Fat"

  • "Paleo"

If this is you... It's time to go beyond the cliches!

Let me show you how to really transform your diet, so you can start eating and feeling better NOW! 

How the program works...

In this 4-week group coaching program, you will receive: 

  • A complete metabolic reset guide and custom, tailored action plan.  A complete program guide of what to expect while on this 4-6 week journey. Food lists. Portion Size Guide. Assessment trackers. Food Journals. Self Care Guide/Menu. Exercise Guide. Recipes that you can combine to create your own tailored meal plan. PLUS, a custom tailored action plan at the conclusion of the group program that can be followed independently or together, should you wish to work with me, one-on-one, beyond the 4-week group program. 

  • 4 LIVE video coaching sessions (recorded)! I will host weekly group video coaching sessions via Zoom where we will discuss the current week's action plan and prepare each client to move forward into the next phase of the program.  Each call will have a specific teaching, followed by live coaching. This is not only a place for community and support, but also for learning. Each call will be recorded, so even if you can't attend live, you can follow along and watch at a time and place that is convenient for you. 

  • Private Facebook Group Access. We'll gather together on Facebook between group calls to celebrate our successes, work through moments of uncertainty, and collectively dive into the full cleansing our bodies are receiving. 

What you can expect: 

Week 1

Prep Week.

pantry detox.png

Week 1: our main goal will be to prime your pantry and your lifestyle for long-term success while also integrating some color and nutrients onto your plate. You can expect…

  • Kitchen set-up assessment
  • A pantry detox
  • Food List
  • Recipes
  • Exercise Details
  • Self Care Guidelines
  • Assessments (Energy, Skin, Weight & Bloat)
  • Journals

Week 2 - 3

Remove nutritional deficiencies.

Week 2 kicks off the official omission of all processed food and sugar. All foods that create drastic blood sugar fluctuations will be replaced with more wholesome alternatives.

We will focus on addressing nutritional deficiencies the easy way!

  • eat more of the protein-rich foods YOU prefer;
  • drink more hydrating fluids;
  • take in essential fats (but limited in Weeks 2-3)
  • eat more foods rich in vitamins and minerals

You will be guided through the entire process with an exact list of foods to eat to start the metabolic transformation. 

You will be provided with simple, 30 minutes or less, recipes to follow during this phase.

Week 3: 

Plate Personalization.

Week 3 we continue with our Week 2 menu. But, we start planning for our transition to the maintenance stage and beyond. 

Not everyone is the same. Hello...right?! Our bodies are different. Our genes are different. 

Body shapes and sizes can be linked to metabolic differences between individuals. This week our goal will be to establish your body type, so you can then adjust nutrient intake (your plate) to maximize body composition and health related goals.

You can expect:

  • Soma-typing:
    • I types (ectomorphs)
    • V types (mesomorphs)
    • O types (endomorphs)
  • Carb timing based on your body type and activity level 
  • Completing the transition from being a SUGAR burner to a FAT burner!

Week 4: Fine Tuning Phase

Focus on life long sustainability using this approach. 

Week 4 is spent prepping you for continued success with the metabolic reset. We will discuss slowly and methodically adding foods back in. This is a great time to assess your body for any food intolerances that you may have been previously unaware of. This is also the perfect week to address eating out and enjoying your favorite foods. 

You can expect:

  • an updated foods list. 
  • Specific guidelines for adding foods back into your diet
  • Instructions for how to maintain your fat-burning machine long term
  • A list of upgraded carbs to help you continue/complete your transformation

Is the Metabolic Booster Group Program for you? 

Great question! It's for you if... 

  • You are ready to take action. You are seriously tired of being STUCK and you are ready to take action to get unstuck

  • You are willing to put in the effort, you just don't know how or where to start

  • You need the support of an expert

  • You enjoy the social support of being around other people experiencing the same challenges as you

  • You really, really want to make a change in your current overall health and wellness 

  • You understand that changing lifelong nutrition habits isn't easy. There will be some struggle along the way.

  • You want to become the expert of your own body. You want to know exactly what your body craves for nutrition. 

  • You are ready to build a new structure around how you fuel your body

The Investment

The metabolic booster program is an intimate group coaching experience limited to 20 women. This allows me to give each person customized and personalized guidance. 

The total value of this program is over $500.

But, since this is a BETA test program... the first time I have offered this program in a group setting... I am offering it to you at a HUGE discount.


Why? Easy! I know so many women are frustrated with their overall health and wellness and I want to help them break free and experience the self-confident, healthy, happy, free from food struggle life they deserve. 


Hi! I'm Valerie... 

  • I'm a mother, wife, veteran and wine lover.
  • I coach people who are totally ready for a body and mind transformation. 
  • I help people who LOVE food BUT HATE food rules. 
  • I help people have more "LIFE", while sprinkling in a little structure.
  • I give people the tools to look & feel totally confident, amazing and sexy in their bodies.  
  • I've got a Graduate Degree in Political Science, but I won't bore you with that... 
  • I've been doing this health and wellness thing for 14+ years. I've worked in all areas... personal training, group exercise & nutrition coaching. Seriously, this is my JAM!
  • I've helped hundreds of women reach their goals and I am confident I can help you too! 

A little more about me...

  • I love to run! I've completed a dozen or so full marathons (to include Boston, Tokyo and Okinawa); many, many half-marathons and a laundry list of 10 Milers, 10Ks and 5Ks
  • I lived in Japan for over 8 years... I fell in love with snowboarding in Northern Japan, SCUBA in Okinawa, Japan and sushi from all over Japan! P.S. That's also where I had my first date with my husband! 
  • My family loves to travel! Our favorite spots are the beach, the city and any place with fabulous wine! 
  • Not only do I help people resolve their nutrition demons (i.e. diets) once and for all, I also help people train for and PR in running events. Got a distance you want to master? I can help!